Adil, A. and Ko, Y. (2016), Socio-technical evolution of Decentralized Energy Systems: A critical review and implications of urban planning and policy

Zinaman, O.; Miller, M.; Adil, A.; Arent, D.; Cochran, J.; and Vora, R., (2015), Power Systems of the Future: A 21st Century Power Partnership Thought Leadership Report, 21st Century Power Partnership. Denver, CO.

Zinaman, O; Miller, M; Adil, A.; Arent, D.; Cochran, J; Vora, R. et al., (2015), Power Systems of the Future, The Electricity Journal, Available online 13th March 2015.

Conference Papers

Adil, A. (2015), Clean Energy Strategies for Urban Resilience, Proceedings from Climate Resilience and Adaptation Symposium 2015. Arlington, TX.

Adil, A (2016) From Vulnerability to Resilience: A Theoretical Framework for Resilient Energy Systems based on Sociotechnical and Socio-ecological perspectives. Proceedings from Association of American Geographers Annual Conference March 29th- April 2nd San Francisco.


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