How to be a postmodernist in practice?

It is troubling to say the least that the country that claimed itself to be the paragon of progress and civilization is crumbling at its very foundations under the influence of, to put it simply, pure b.s.

Besides the obvious ones — the US and the UK, it wouldn’t be that far fetched to impute a number of other North American, European as well as Asian countries into the above statement, for having achieved the alleged “greatness” that they did, there are gross injustices and unparalleled inequities being relentless produced and normalized across all nation states. In the spirit of being comprehensive, I would say that the statement also fits some of the Middle Eastern petroleum corporations masquerading as countries.

There are but a few simple ways one can seek to master the skill of spinning pure b.s. Evidence for these can be easily teased from 3 to 5 minute clips from any news media which are just about enough to grab the attention of viewers with ever-shrinking attention spans and ever expanding need for instantaneous gratification. Political discourse becomes “tea” that is “spilled” and videos of partisan bickering are titled as ‘one party affiliate CRUSHING, DEMOLISHING, DESTROYING the opponent party affiliate.’

But I digress.

Spinning pure b.s., right!

or simply the art of becoming a postmodernist who speaks and behaves in a manner that unravels the semblance of objectivity, offering no clarity on positions taken or any recourse to any solid rational foundation from which to adjudicate responsibility and place blame.

Step 1: Your statements or utterances should be able absorb just about any meaning that your audience wants to infer. 

This clip from Last Week Tonight shows how easy it is to project whatever meaning one desires into statements that themselves have no clear meaning.

This skill is not just the forte of individuals who are the subject of the above clip, but is quite prevalent among people who hold positions of power across our public institutions. Just like the word, HOPE, ironically the theme of a preceding political campaign, can be made to have different meanings depending on the circumstance, I’ve come across individuals in my educational career in the US, who I would typically have respected, but who are hypocrite enough to change the meaning of their statements to suit the context in which they are asked to justify them.

Step 2: Stand behind grand visions that are as broad and vague as possible but which are idealistically appealing to the sensibilities of those who are desperately seeking a change in the status quo. 

I will admit that there would be nothing wrong with such grand and ambitious visions had they been rooted in verifiable truths (problematic, I know but inescapable) and supported by clear and concise goals, with outcomes that can be measured or at least assessed periodically to take us from where we are to where we need to be under the dictates of the vision. When those in-charge of steering the course for the rest of us are deliberately vague and imprecise about their plan, and who create artificial platforms of engagement and dialog to give a mere impression of participation, such individuals do not, in earnest, hold themselves responsible for the eventual outcomes. They are in it just for themselves, seeking one position after another, failing to stay put and accomplishing what they intended atond had claimed to achieve in the first place.

This clip from the Late Night shows how the ‘drain the swamp’ mantra, one of the few grand visions, turned out to be a clever verbal ploy when the ‘swamp’ was not only rehabilitated but reinvigorated by the inclusion of the vilest creatures ever to inhabit it.

Step 3: Create a tight-knit circle of loyalists, the core group, connected as if like a network of hemorrhoidal nerves, who legitimize your agenda while making sure that they too gain from their involvement in your self-centered endeavor. 

In what can only be described as ‘bizarre’, this clip shows how difficult it can be to witness undeserved adulation, whether it be of the unhinged individual in the position of the highest office in the country or an egotistical maniac occupying the position of a state government employee.

There is much to be learned from postmodernism politics as well as loathed about postmodern individuals who paint a pretty picture of the future, encouraging the desperate and intellectually meek to dream, recruiting their viciousness to advance their personal agenda, but ultimately leaving these very recruits to fend for themselves in a situation much worse that they were previously in.


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