From Vulnerability to Resilience

On April 1st, I was at the Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Conference which was hosted around the topic of the Anthropocene. This was the first international level academic conference I’ve attended and I think its an experience every pre-candidature student must have. The quality of conversations draws you in even when you have a throbbing head ache on a Friday night. The experience allows to you gauge whether, if at all, academia and the intellectual environment it engenders is for you, and if so, it allows you become aware of the scholarly circles whose conversations invigorate your intellect.

I was on a session organized by Dr. Michael Minn from University of Denver on the topic of Energy Transitions with a focus on Society. The session included post-doctoral as well as pre- and post candidature students from Manchester, Denver and Yale. The topic of my presentation was From Vulnerability to Resilience: A theoretical framework for Resilient Energy Systems based on Sociotechnical and Socio-ecological perspectives. The presentation was based on the theoretical framework for my dissertation and will be further developed into an article which will likely be published at the end of 2016 or early 2017.

One of the biggest fears standing in front of the audience is not being asked any questions indicating that your presentation was either too complex or too elementary. But my fear was quickly dispelled when I had to field a number of very interesting questions from an extremely insightful audience. I am glad I was there!

Here’s to more conference papers and conferencing!

The presentation can accessed by following this link. [Please note some graphics and formatting may be missing as the original presentation was made using MS ppt]


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