Academia in the cold

Last week it snowed and everything froze in Arlington, Texas. This week is a repeat. This time, however, the university did not close down the library. I am thankful for that. Although, I must admit that its nicer to stay home than go to the library in the cold even if it is a few blocks away. Previous week, my research went into cold storage and as soon as it warmed up earlier this week, my brain froze (not literally!).

Besides preparing for and attending an interview, I constantly procrastinated on the pre-proposal proposal, which is a topic for another post. I am also helping organize the informal colloquiums that some of the senior Ph.D. students had initiated. Going forward, the idea is to formalize Ph.D. student representation through these colloquiums as a means of strengthening faculty-student relationship within the new college uniting the School of Architecture and School of Urban and Public Affairs. While several outcomes on this are awaited, it would be too early to comment on the plans. The bottom line being that my brain froze because nothing I did the previous week was related to my research. It was a pretty anti-academic week, weather-wise and personally!

Just to overview some of the more academic tasks still staring down at me, here’s a laundry list:

  1. Two pager on dissertation proposal — reverse outline
  2. Literature review on Urban Energy Systems — revised manuscript plan
  3. Policy brief on the PSoF paper for class assignment and (tentatively) for Scholars Strategy Network membership
  4. In class presentation (was this week, postponed to next because of snow-bummer!) and discussion
  5. In class discussion lead on the topic of environment and energy policy
  6. Term project in GIS class (I haven’t even started on this!! @##@$%$)

It doesn’t seem much, right ? (I am convincing myself, not you!). Although I can smell the Spring break in the frigid wintry air blowing unnecessarily at 12 mph, I don’t think it will be much of a break for me. God Help Me!


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