Answers on Quora II

 What is the most significant greenhouse gas?

What kind of first jobs do urban planning majors tend to get?

Are cities considered part of nature?

When did global warming start?

How can New Dehli be the worst polluted city in the world?

What is the best way to read scientific papers?

What makes PhD students feel overwhelmed? When you feel that way do you have any tricks you want to share with others?

Life: What one piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

How can I control my urges of wanting brand new stuff?

How reliable & comfortable will using solar power (may be for 3 lights & 3 fans) be at our flat in a small apartment, especially in Hyderabad?

How does one go about going “Off the Grid”?

How would a society benefit from decentralized energy production?

What does sustainability depend on?

What is the most innovative use of solar power yet?

What is the role of citizens in smart cities?

Why is solar energy used in only a limited way?

Which is the most efficient source of electricity production; hydro, thermal, nuclear or solar?

What are the chances of Earth becoming completely uninhabitable (to humans) due to global warming?

How can governments optimize their use of technology to better predict extreme weather events?


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