Consistent, Create, Care

This post follows from the idea I got from the édu flâneuse

Happy New Year !!


I’ll be honest. New Years don’t thrill me. While its a mere change in date in my opinion, I respect the fact it can be reason enough for most to commit themselves to what they want to change. I think it would be better if this thought process was applied on a daily basis instead of once in 12 months— commitment for which seems to fade around March (refer to: your last year’s resolutions)

I like the idea of word-based visioning (read more on this here), mainly because its simple and draws on aspirations that you have for your own self-reform— a self that is relentless and stubborn. This doesn’t have be a once-in-12-month thing if your interpretations for each word bear multiple connotations; you can apply these to your self-reform over and over again. Its great !!


“I want to wake up early and have more hours in a day”, “I wish I had more academic publications that commercial ones”, “I want to call xyz but… when do I ?”

I can recall myself saying/thinking these things and so my 3 words for 2015 are: Consistent, Create and Care.


They say that doing anything continuously for 40 days renders the action into a habit. I want to will be consistent at correcting my sleep schedule until “early to bed, early to rise” becomes a habit. I will be consistent at bringing myself to say “NO” without the guilt of doing so eating away at me.

This is my 2nd year at grad school and I don’t want to be at the mercy of my relentless, stubborn self in the 3rd year, which is typically when everything around a pre-candidature PhD student starts to either fall out or fall in place.


I intend to be more productive, carefully. Its easy to grow ones output when placed under deadlines. I look back at all the class assignments from previous semesters and wonder if any of those could have been created more carefully, with an intention to publish in a journal or present at a conference. I only realized this when a classmate presented his assignment at the Urban Affairs Conference last year. Create, therefore, is to exert myself at creating long-term meaning within my short-term academic commitments— synergizing my efforts as much as I can.


I need friends, but my work commitments don’t really care about this, or its just that I’ve never been able to prioritize enough to not let one dominate the other. Its embarrassing and I’m extremely guilty of needing my friends for either emotional support or otherwise after being out of touch for weeks or months on end. To be clear, I am referring to like 2 or 3 individuals here! I think its time to prioritize the invaluable things in life and make space for those who have always stood by me despite my careless towards them. This is important too.

These are my three words for 2015.

I’d love to know your 3 words if you decide to take this idea up!!


One thought on “Consistent, Create, Care

  1. Hi Ali
    I’m happy to have inspired some thinking about your year ahead. And I love that your three words start with the same letter. Who doesn’t love a bit of alliteration?
    That notion of creating with deliberate intention resonates with me; synergising efforts for purpose and product.


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