Look what came in the mail !

Naomi Klein’s book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate forces us to see the problem of solving an increasingly insurmountable global issue through the lens of a system that in fact produced it. The idea of a capitalist system as a self-involved and disastrously individualistic society, working without regard for humanity or the environment is discussed in the context of climate change, something that, I think, was really needed. I may write a review once I am through, but not promising anything as I am weeks away from packing my bags for Texas for the Spring semester.

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Here’s an excerpt from an interview  of the author:

The fact that global warming is man-made and poses a grave threat to our future is widely accepted by progressives. Yet, the most commonly proposed solutions emphasize either personal responsibility for a global emergency (buy energy-efficient light bulbs, purchase a Prius), or rely on market-based schemes like cap-and-trade. These responses are not only inadequate, says best-selling author Naomi Klein, but represent a lost opportunity to confront climate change’s root cause: capitalism.

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, Klein’s much-anticipated new book, is both surprisingly hopeful and deeply personal as she deftly weaves in her story of struggling to conceive her first child while researching the potential collapse of the natural world. In the book, Klein challenges everyone who cares about climate change to strive for a seemingly impossible redistribution of political and economic power. This, she argues, is both necessary and offers the prospect of living in a more just and humane society than the one we know today.

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Has anyone read this book yet ? Any thoughts ? Criticisms ? Praise ?


3 thoughts on “Look what came in the mail !

    1. I just started reading it. So far it seems logical although her claims are quite radical but all of them so far seem to be embedded in facts. Looking forward to your reaction.


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