The Journey so far…

1 year 3 months 14 days and counting…

so yay! I completed my first year in the US and what a journey ! Having posted a bunch of stuff to get started with this blog, I found myself needing to actual connect with people who are in the same boat as me. So here’s some context to all of…this?

I think my introduction covers the basics but the aspect of my career profile that somehow evokes questionable facial expressions and in other cases remarks on the lines of “why though?” or “how come?“, requires a bit of explanation. I use the word explanation while I realize that its really a justification to my being in a planning school after having  earned a degree in Engineering. I really haven’t been able to decide how I feel about these reactions…yet !

I graduated with an engineering degree in India and obtained an interdisciplinary master’s degree from UK. How I ended up in an urban planning doctoral program is a matter of serendipity and my reluctance towards two post-graduate eventualities for most engineering graduates where I come from;  either a job in the gulf or a job in the IT sector in India. What best explains my detour from a career in hard applied sciences towards social sciences is the series of professional choices that led to me perceive my abilities as best served at the nexus of these two fields.

More specifically, my interest in the topic of urban energy has been greatly influenced by my academic and professional experiences so far.  And so, here I am and I hope to continue to share my experiences and hopefully connect with like minded academics and professionals as I take this journey.

On that slightly nerdy note, I conclude.



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