Literature Review on Solar Energy System Adoption

The introduction of alternate energy resources into the energy mix is a growing national trend in several countries across the globe, impetus for which has been laid on local action at conferences of international significance (Knapp, 2012). In reference to climate change, fossil fuel depletion and energy inefficiencies, energy planning through renewable energy integration has achieved federal, regional and local attention and commitment through a variety of projects. While such efforts have been on the rise, spatial disparities in renewable energy implementation as a consequence of these projects are still a barrier to achievement of an integrated energy system based on clean, renewable energy sources. This paper reviews literature to comprehend the scholarly work done in this regard.


2 thoughts on “Literature Review on Solar Energy System Adoption

  1. Thanks for connecting! I have a meeting next week with the leading group advocating for Community Choice Aggregation here in San Diego. One reason I support CCAs is its accessibility to all demographics within a CCA region. The environmental justice angle is an important one. I wrote a paper on CCA for my Urban Infrastructure class for my MA in Urban Sustainability (I graduate in the spring). i never thought of posting it to my blog but now I think I will 🙂


    1. That’s awesome! Thanks for following back. It’d be interesting to read about CCAs when you post your paper. I thought I should start putting my work out even if was course related. 🙂


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